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Project Information


PROJECT  | Expanded Identity Design, Menu Design, Promotional Product Design

ROLE | Designer 


Create an identity and branding for Gilbert Station based on their current logo. An identity and supportive system that is carefully designed to feature characteristics that represent their warm family atmosphere and service.


Gilbert Station Bar & Grill is a family restaurant that strives to provide a fun atmosphere and high-quality food with top-notch service. At Gilbert Station, they find beauty in community and provide a good time, food and music for all. Gilbert Station approached Kendra Marie Design seeking an extended brand identity as well as a new food menu and promotional products to give to their customers.


Use their unique background history and warm personality to create a distinct brand system that embodies their environment and voice vision yet clearly defines their product and service.


An identity system that creates and embodies a warm and playful emotion while playing off of the railroad history of the business.

The Identity Design

The Overall System

I worked closely with the owners of Gilbert Station Bar & Grill to create an expanded identity design. We spent time creating a design system by choosing a color palette, typography and illustration/photography style that correlated with their already set logo and personality.

We then used this expanded identity design to create a new menu and promotional products.

GilbertStation_MoodBoard_Moodboard 3 A4.png
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