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The Caffeinery



Food Truck Design
Graphic Designer


The Caffeinery is a local downtown coffee shop in Muncie, Indiana owned by Frank and Lauren Reber since 2014. The open-concept shop has been designed to match the timeless visual aesthetics of the building itself. It is a quality-driven coffee company that is committed to satisfying customers by providing excellence in quality of product, service, atmosphere, cleanliness and timeless materials and aesthetics. Striving to offer all patrons a total “quality without compromise” experience that comes from fostering an environment that provides its employees with proper training, a pleasant work environment, and opportunities to develop both personally and professionally. The Caffeinery also emphasizes Return on Movement ­— an in depth look at the various ways in which the business impacts the community, its staff, and its other interests; it targets, “the makers, shakers, and doers of all the walks.” From those who are setting to conquer their day to those who appreciate the finer things in life; whether you wear a three piece suit or cargo shorts, you shouldn’t feel out of place.


This food truck design portrays The Caffeinery’s goals and aspirations and is fitted to the limitations that a food truck business withholds. The design and environmental aesthetic it displays compliment the timeless aesthetics it aims to achieve while also focusing on creating a social environment for personal interaction.

My original design for the business card was to make it also be a small take-away menu in order to supply the customers with two important informational print materials in one from the food truck that would also serve as a cost saving decision for the business as well. Later on I realized that the menu on the truck would be enough due to an easy to remember menu for customers, therefore allowing me to cut out an additional menu all together and stick with a very simplistic business card.

The above illustrations are based off of rough sketches for my packaging ideas for the The Caffeinery food truck, but later decided to take on the challenge of constructing and photographing the packaging myself. 

Truck Design

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