Mancino's Sweet Shop




Graphic Designer

Sweet Shop & Co, otherwise known as Mancino’s Sweet Shop, was founded by a husband and wife team in 2017 with the intention of establishing a place for individuals to go for a sweet snack whenever they please or after a nice meal with their family next door. 

With the Sweet Shop’s supportive and inspiring atmosphere in mind, I created an identity system to modernize the brand and communicate an inclusive and social aesthetic. The design and its environment create a welcoming vibe that distinguishes its relaxing yet fun environment for families and friends while also portraying the company’s high quality product and service. 

Above is the components and element combinations of the identity system for Sweet Shop & Co. Including the core, secondary, and neutral color palette, as well as the different fonts and the means for their usage. Below you will find the identity manual of Sweet Shop & Co. that will supply the business with all of the necessary rules and regulations regarding their brand identity.


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