Shopstange: Revolution


Identity Design


Graphic Designer
at Studio 165+

Revolution is one of the latest additions to Shopstange located in Sylt, Germany, a very popular tourist island.

It has been family owned and run for thirty years nows. With such a successful and progressive business, the family knew their company was in need of a new identity system for each of their three stores that demonstrated the connectedness between them but also represented each stores own personal characteristics that truly set them apart. 


Revolution is the newest addition to Shopstange and has a pretty obvious difference in style and target audience from their other stores Lepoint and Stange. It was looking for an identity that would represent them clearly to their audience but still correlate back to the other stores within Shopstange. Revolution has a grungy and rebellious vibe that aims to start a new trend that reflects confidence, uniqueness and edge. It was in need of an identity that reflected those characteristics but was designed to pull in clean professional clientele who are looking for a way to let loose and have fun with their style. 

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